What I received for....?

What I received for Christmas 2015

Have you ever got to the stage on Christmas Eve,  where you ask to open just one present? Just one present? Even when it’s only a matter of hours away, we just want to open one. We cannot withstand the excitement any longer.

We all get to the stage, where close to Christmas we would like to open just one Christmas present. Just one. We are always told no, but we are sometimes given into.

We all know that Christmas means more than just presents. It’s more about having fun, good times full of laughter and joy.

In this post I am going to describe all of the things I got for Christmas 2015. I received quite a lot of presents,  which I was ever so happy with and grateful for.

The presents I received range from Bath bombs to Books. I think there were only a couple of things that I actually asked for, the rest were just random, but I absolutely loved them. I really liked everything I received. The two things I asked for were a hair dryer, as I didn’t own one, and Zoella’s new book Girl Online on Tour.


This is the hairdryer I was bought. This present was from my parents. It was from Asda and I love it. It is just what I needed and it leaves my hair looking and feeling amazing after blow drying it.

Other presents I received from my parents were:


There are some paperclips that are shaped as hairstyles; which I thought was wicked and there was also some sticky pads, which are based off the sweetheart sweets. I, like my mum, am a stationary addict. Anything to do with stationary I love. Especially as I am beginning to write a lot more now, so they will come in handy. I am also into most things hair, which is why I loved the paper clips. Very unique. (see below)



This is a pack of Bath petals. Now, I have never used or tried these before so it will be interesting to see what they look like in the bath. I cannot wait to use them. They look absolutely stunning. They are beautiful.


Now, these are bath fizzers. I have only most recently in the last six months gotten into bath bombs and fizzers like  these. Again, I cannot wait to use these. Guaranteed though, when I have used them, I will be buying some more. They are heart shaped, so it could just be love. Love love. Duh duh. Could it be love? Haha. It could quite well be.


Two more fizzing bath bombs. These look very retro, which is to my taste. As I love anything vintage. There are two different scents, one of them being Rose scented and the other being Mango scented. On the packaging,  it says Relax and Revive.


In the bottom right hand corner you will see a pack of socks. I am forever needing more socks as the ones I have either have holes in or have been worn too many times. I live in socks. The designs are all different but using the same colour palettes.  Which are pink, cream, black and grey. (see below)




In the bottom left hand corner of the collage, is an Owl Oil Burner. I love oil burners, as they relax me. The difference between scents you can use also determine whether you will relax or potentially fall asleep. The oil that came with this was Lavender. (see above for clearer photo)


This is one of my favourite perfumes of all time. I love the So…? Collections as they have amazing scents and last a very long time. The packaging is a lovely shade of purple, which also silhouettes a diamond, which a light shade of pink.


This was the book that I asked my parents for. I am so looking forward to reading this. It took me a couple of days to read Zoella’s debut novel, so it shouldn’t take me that long to read this one. When I found out this book had been released, I just had to have it. My mum was adamant she was buying it for me.

These are the presents from my parents. I am spoilt. They always know what to get me, even when I don’t ask for anything.


This set was bought for me by my sister and brother in law. I found it in the Avon booklet and really liked the scent of it. I really like the packaging it came in too. The colour scheme and the design. It’s very pretty.


This was bought for me from my sister and brother in law. The present is from my nephew and future niece. It is absolutely beautiful. The quote too is absolutely stunning.

This was bought for me by my partner’s brother and sister in law to be. I wasn’t expecting anything from them, but when I saw this, I loved it. I am currently using Nivea products for moisturising. So, this I will add to my collection of presents.

I was also given two Peacock’s gift cards with £20 on each. I have treated myself to a new pair of pyjamas, some bottoms and a new handbag.

I was so happy and over the moon with all of my presents. They were very well thought of, especially from my parents point of view. Thank you all very much.

Thank you very much for reading

Please let me know in the comments what you received for Christmas. I would be delighted to know.


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