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Websites – My Top 5 favourites

There are millions and millions, well I’m guessing millions, of websites out there on the World Wide Web right now and from my point of view I cannot say that many catch my eye.

There are not many I can actually say I visit a lot, other than the ones listed in this blog post.

In this post I am going to be picking my Top 5 most favourite and most visited websites, and that I visit on a regular basis and explaining to you how it come about and why they are my favourite and my most visited.

Pinterest logo


My top most favourite and visited website is Pinterest. Pinterest is a huge scrapbook of resources that I can collect all sorts of information and images from.

You think that with Pinterest being one of the most favourite and visited  websites, that I would know its purpose. Well, that is where we are all wrong. As a matter of fact, I do not. Haha, I had to go onto the actual website and Google Play to find a synopsis of what its purpose was.

Pinterest is a visual book marking tool that helps us to discover and save creative ideas. It has 50 million downloads worldwide and 4.5/5 stars rating on Google Play.

I have many boards that I have created within the Pinterestsphere and if I am being honest, I have not pinned my own pins before I have only been repinning everybody else’s pins. This has been ever since creating my Pinterest account, which was back in, I would like to say 2009, but I cannot completely remember. Very bad, I know. Usually though, social media platforms inform you how long you have been a member for. YouTube does. I have never once pinned something myself personally.

I have 2.1K pins on my account and around 70 boards. (Please find my Pinterest page within the contact me page). I have 25 followers and am following 155 other fellow pinners. You also have the ability to follow boards that you may be interested in.

Overall, Pinterest is a very organised website, well presented and features a very good ease of access. Both on Personal Computers and mobile. If any one of you would like go become more organised, live a structured life and have all of your most favourite things all in the same place then Pinterest is definitely for you. There is no question about it.

Going onto my second most favourite and most visited website I visit on a regular basis is Goodreads. Goodreads is heavens answer to all things books and reading, for me.



Unlike with Pinterest, I actually know what Goodreads purpose is, and that is to create shelves and keep records of books that you have read. Or would like to read or books that you are  currently reading.

In some sort of sense, Goodreads is like Pinterest, as they both use similar features within their websites. For example, Goodreads features shelves where you can store books (virtually) whereas Pinterest uses boards as a way of storing pins. Another example is that both sites feature recommendations. This can be through the website itself or through email subscriptions. Goodreads is obviously just based around books. The recommendations are both determined by your shelves, what books you have read or what genre of books you read. So for me, it would be, Chick Literature, Young Adults, and Romance, if it were to be determined by genre. If it were to be determined by authors, it would be Nora Roberts, Paige Toon and Sarah Morgan. Whereas, Pinterest’s recommendations are based around your board topics or pins that you save or repin.

Overall, Goodreads is a very good tool when it comes to keeping a record of books that you have read or would like to read.



My third most favourite and visited website is Flickr. Flickr is a photo sharing website, that you upload your photos to, people may comment on them, or like them, or even follow your profile. It is a very fun way of sharing your creativity in Photography and connecting with others, who like you, enjoy photography.



My fourth most favourite and most visited website is….. YouTube. YouTube is amazing. I am, without a doubt, on this video sharing platform every single day without fail, as I listen to a lot of music, or am watching vloggers who, at the moment, seem to be taking over the Internet.

I mostly watch vloggers, than listen to music as I have it on in the background whilst pottering around the house, or having a chill out time.

I mainly watch Zoella, aka Zöe Sugg; Alfie Deyes, who is her boyfriend. His channel name is PointlessBlog, Jim Chapman, The SacconeJolys, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler. They are my absolute favourites. But on the odd occasion I will also watch Joe Sugg, Zöe’s brother. ThatcherJoe.

If I was to be asked to name my top 4 blogger’s, I would have to say Zöe, Alfie, Jim and Marcus.

Oh no, I’ve forgotten Louise, Oh Chummy, I’m so sorry. Louise Pentland whose channel is called Sprinkle of Glittr. She is a lifestyle and beauty blogger. She has a beautiful daughter named Darcy and she is known as baby glitter. Louise is a vlogger also, who I have only really recently been starting to watch, from her channel anyway. As I watch her already but in collaborations with others from their channels. Especially Zöe’s.

You could say that YouTube is my holy grail. YouTube is just amazing, without vloggers like Zöe, I would not be here writing this blog post. I had been watching Zöe for a while before I kept on at my parents that I would really like to be doing what she was doing. They were and are very supportive and without them I would no be here either. My parents were consistently telling me to do it, and I would be moaning what others would think. I was very silly and just went ahead with it, in the hope to make my family proud. There was also something inside me that said: ‘Right. Let’s do this.’

So here I am.



Finally my fifth and final most favourite and most visited site is Primark. I think everybody knows what Primark is, but for those of you who do not, Primark is a fashion retail store which is a franchise. I am an absolute fashionista. I absolutely love fashion, and always have. Primark, for me, has always been my go to shop for clothing. It owns and has its own brand of clothing. Atmosphere. Their clothing are very comfortable and attractive and the clothing and accessories that they offer are just utterly lovely.

Well, these are my top five favourites, now I would like to know yours. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite websites are and the ones that you visit on a regular basis. And maybe, if you have enough time, tell me why it is/they are your favourite.

Thank you so much for reading.


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