Change of Plan

Hello Fellow Readers,

I am aware it has been a while since I last published a blog post, but this has been down to a lot of difficult times.

I am struggling, big time, with my blog website. I feel I am great at the content, but when it comes to behind the scenes with coding and things like that, I struggle. As you are all aware, my blog website, I have been building is based on WordPress’ platform. Out of all of the ones I looked at, including Tumblr and Blogger, WordPress looked better for me.

So, along with the process I went, I started to build up my website, when I stopped all of a sudden. I have many drafted pages that I have not long published, but I am struggling to link them with the pages, if that makes any sense.

I have done so much on this website that I am afraid of just scrapping it, when I know that the coding and hyperlinks are the only things holding me back.

I am putting a lot of pressure on myself and always do, because when I do websites of my own that I build, every single little detail and element has to be my own, as that is what I learnt through High School and College. As at High School I took ICT as a GCSE as well as a core subject and at College, I started doing an IT course, which lasted all of four days then I transferred to Creative Media Studies. Which overall I got a Double Distinction in.

Web development was an element of the Creative Studies Course and I wasn’t very good at it but I gave it a good go. Some elements of the Course I thought were good, others I was quite poor at. But that comes with a lot of things in life.

Anyway, going back onto talking about the Web development of my blog website, I would like every little detail to be made by me. So the banner, I would create; I would create the backgrounds, I would create all of the graphics. The side bars, the menus. Everything. In time. It would take me quite a long time.

I feel I do not really want to scrap my current blog website, but if I continue to tell myself that it would lead me to better things, then maybe I will. Unless I continue to use this blog website and build on it, teaching myself and building my own knowledge,  then maybe I could make another blog website, with new blog name, my father came up with, which both my mother and myself really liked the sound of. I am not going to say what it is,  because I feel I am going to use it in another blog website I may build. Build up the tension while I carry out the process.

Making the blog website better would make me feel a lot better, as well as my readers, as I feel at the moment, my blog posts aren’t too bad, but my website has got a lot of work that needs doing to it. But I am willing to make it better and am going to keep pushing myself.

Not so long ago, a video blogger who I watch stated, at the start of the video, that she scrapped the recording she had done before hand because she weren’t happy about it. Now this made me feel good, because,  why when you know it is not how you expect it to be would you still publish it and make it public when you know your viewers aren’t going to really like it either. I really hold my hat off to this person and they are hard working and so so committed that it was them who inspired me to start my blog in the first place,  alongside my parents, who are supportive.

There are many factors that I feel are barriers to me that stop me from blogging and they are

I have many varied interests
Introduction (Find out in my first blog post)

I cannot make up my mind on certain matters – hence the change of blog name.

I put a lot of pressure on myself, as I feel I am a perfectionist with things like this, and shouldn’t really. But this could be turned into a positive also, as it shows how determined I am and committed to what I do.

I think starting again on a different platform would be well worth it, and what I need to do as I feel it’s what I need. Though I also feel I could run two blog websites, as it is only like video blogger’s having two channels on the video sharing platform YouTube.

I would really like to be successful in doing this and helping people all around the world with whatever it may be that they need help with. In order to do this I am going to keep on pushing myself and am never going to give up.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. (Apologies for jabbering on) If you did be sure to comment and like the blog post and if you’ve enough time. Subscribe to my blog website for notifications on when I next publish a blog post.

If you have found yourself stuck in the same or similar situations, that I have described in this blog post, in the past or come across them in the future, do not hesitate to ask one another or myself and I will try my very best to help you out.

Thank you very much for reading



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