Change of plan explained

Yesterday I posted a blog post; Change of Plan. I am writing this blog post today to explain what has happened, and what is going to happen from now on.

Yesterday, 13/05/2016, when I was out and about I decided to write down a draft blog post about why it had been so long since I had posted a blog post: how i was feeling and what I had planned.

Seems, nothing that I described and explained in the blog post yesterday is relevant now. Well, not so much as I have done what I explained and have sorted out what I had described. As, i described what issues I was having with my website, as well as, explaining what I had planned. which was to build up a new blog website and scrap this one, or keep both running and run both.

Last night when I returned home, I sat down on the computer after putting my daughter to bed and thought: Right, this is the time to sort this out.’ So, I sat here for two hours, I think it was, and sorted out what I needed to and everything fell into place. I was absolutely ecstatic. I had put my mind to it and accomplished what I had set out to accomplish and I was pleased with myself and very proud. I felt these emotions, as when I was at college, I used to give up very easily when it come to web development, but it seems now, I have the ability to teach myself the skills that I needed to, in order to accomplish my goal.

As you can now see there has been a major change in layout. I have customized my theme, the layout, I have changed a few widgets and changed my Blog name, as well as my URL. Going through the process of scrapping my old blog website URL and blog name to change it to this one was very scary for me, as I feared I would lose everything I had worked on, but thankfully that never happened.

I have updated my social media to the new blog name and have incorporated my website URL for followers to view if they would like to. Please find my social media profiles on my Contact me page.

I hope ou enjoyed reading this post, if you did, be sure to like, comment and subscribe via email.

Thank you very much for reading


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