What’s going on?

Hello fellow readers,

There is something I would like to talk you through today in regards to my blog. My tagline states that I will be covering the subjects: Fashion, Photography, Books and Product Reviews, but then I have several pages suggesting otherwise. Whilst writing this blog post, I thought to myself ‘I am pushing myself far too much for a beginner.’ Maybe I could work towards other subjects as I progress through my blogging journey.. From this, I have scrapped many pages from my website.

My tagline, and the pages are now all in order, though there is one problem. The subjects are only subjects I am interested in, I do not have much knowledge about them, nor have I any qualifications. I know a lot of you may be thinking that qualifications are a big thing to me, and they are, I just don’t want you, my audience, to feel like you are being kept in the dark and that I am deceiving you, that is not my objective. I would like to gain more knowledge in these subjects to enable me to blog more about them.

Several blogs I follow talk about the same subjects, if not similar subjects, which makes competition even tougher, as you don’t want to be talking about the same thing(s) other bloggers are talking about otherwise you are going to lose your audience, if that makes sense. Another issue with so much competition in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle market area is that it makes it all the more difficult to come up with ideas and write blog posts.

I do not wish to copy others, or steal their ideas, I do not agree with copyright or plagiarism. though if I was to ever find someone’s content interesting or a good idea, I would ask permission to use the idea, I wouldn’t just go away and use it, I am not that kind of person. I love coming up with new ideas and doing my own thing, so this is not always going to be the case. Going back to talking about competition, there is a lot of it out there in the blogosphere. I just hope my blog attracts an audience and hopefully one day becomes noticed.

On my Christmas blog, as you could see I used my own images, whereas in my Top 5 favourite websites post I didn’t. I used images off of the internet. I do not usually do this and I disagree completely with copyright. I know I am in the wrong and it will never happen again. I did do it without thinking too.

You will find that at this moment in time most of my posts do not contain images, that is because I do not have a lot of inspiration where I live. I am hoping very soon though that that will change and that I will be able to present you with posts that contain photos.

I do enjoy writing blog posts like this, let me know if you do too in the comments, I would just like you to know I am being honest and not just trying to fit in. I am me and this is my blog.


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