New Year’s Resolutions

Hello Fellow Readers,
I thought I would begin the year by sharing with you a few of my new year’s resolutions, in case any of you were looking for any inspiration or just something to work on. Now, when we think about it, most of which do not succeed past the first month or so. So, let’s make it our year this year to succeed, eh?!
Blog once a week every week
In my ‘My Plans for 2017’ blog I embarrassingly mistook how many blog posts I had actually published in the past year. I have, In fact, 9 published blog posts within the last year, which still isn’t very impressive which is why 2017 is going to be the year, I pledge to have a blog post up once a week, every week..
Think about myself more –
I spend a lot of my time worrying about others and not really focussing on myself. I would like to start making some time for myself. As I am a parent, I find it not – so – nice telling myself to make time for myself as I feel my attention should always be on my daughter.
Eat healthy and exercise –
I was going to write these as two separate points, but I think they tie in very well together. I am currently making it my aim to cook more healthy meals by starting them from scratch. Which is working out very well at the moment, and if it continues I will explore further with other meal ideas
Growing up I had no issues with my weight, but after the birth of my daughter I started to pile on the pounds and not only was that down to no exercise, it was what I was shovelling down my throat.  I was snacking a lot and eating very high sugary and salty foods. I am now working on healthier meals, including more vegetables when I’m cooking. (I really dislike putting it down to my pregnancy but it was, as I feel I am blaming my daughter and I am not doing that at all). But al of that bad eating is changing now. I am choosing healthier alternatives of what I was eating before. For example, I will make my own pizzas, rather than buying a supermarket one or takeout one.
Exercising. Well, where do I start here, Exercise and I have always had a hate relationship. We have never really liked each other, even when I was given exercises from a physiotherapist, I would put them aside and forget about them, I know not really helping myself but I find them really difficult and they hurt. I really do want to do exercise and actually stick to it, but I always seem to come up with some excuse to not do it.
Go out more, be adventurous –
When I was a young girl I can always remember being taken on nature walks and I used to collect all sorts of things, from bark to pine cones and leaves to twigs. I could never get enough of it. I could quite happily go for a nature walk every day. It makes me feel at ease. This is another area of my life that I think up lame excuses like It’s too cold or I’ll go another day. Well, that day never comes. I need to snap out of my bubble and get out there. My daughter is fifteen months old and I think she would absolutely love going for walks and collecting all sorts of nature things, just like I used to. It just relaxes you so much. Being outside, feeling carefree for a little while and just not thinking about anything, to be honest.
Do more of what makes me happy –
This is another resolution that ties into another one, that being photography. Growing up I
loved photography, I chose Photography at GCSE and I went on to do a college course which was with photography as a minor assignment feature. I founded this quote not long after I started following Alfie Deyes’ vlogging channel on YouTube, and I used to always question myself: What actually makes me happy? My Daughter for starters, photography also, going for walks and just capturing whatever I can before I miss it.  I am going to start using a motto which has been used a lot on Instagram  and that is to Capture the small thing’ I feel this will help me come up with original ideas for subjects of my photography
Be more creative –
I have a huge obsession with designing. Although I am absolutely pants at drawing, I am fantastic at coming up with designs and have a great eye for detail. I also have a major obsession with Interior Design, and would love to work in the industry but getting noticed is so difficult. I am hoping to very soon show you fellow people my ideas an what you think. I am not great with originality, but I try my best. There are a lot of good ideas out there on the market and it is a major struggle trying to find a gap.
Read more
Every year for I think it is the past two years I have been participating in the good read’s reading challenge, but I have not as yet reached by goal of reading 60 books in a whole year.  So in 2017, I have decided to considerably reduce my goal to a more achievable goal of 24 books, in which every book I read I will be creating a blog post book review on each one.
I am going to set a few hours aside a day, in order to reach my goal.
Well, they are a few of my New Year’s resolutions. What sorts of things are on your lists? Be sure to let me know in the comments and maybe we could help one another.
Thank you very much for reading

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