Have you ever…?

Hello Fellow Readers,

I hope you are all well and have had a fab year so far. Can you believe that it’s the 18th January already? I know we are a few weeks in to the year now, but I would like to share an experience with you.

Something that happened recently inspired this post and it was not the first time it had happened. It happens to me on a very regular basis. Before any of you ask, no I am not talking about the game. Haha.

Have you ever gone to an event and completely forgot your camera? I did and it frustrated me hugely. I used the camera on my phone but the quality wasn’t fantastic. and certainly did not match up to the quality that my DSLR Camera would have.

Usually I wouldn’t forget it, but I do have to admit  forgetting it allowed me to have a good time with my daughter, my partner and his family during the NYE Festivities rather than taking photos consistently. There was a live band too, which is what I would have liked to have captured. Mister Wolf, they were called. They were fabulous. I will admit I was a little bit, if not a huge, party pooper on NYE as I just sat in the corner and watched my daughter sleep, I wasn’t really focussing on what was really going on.

I was ready to leave the venue to go home at 8pm, which was far too early considering nothing really started to happen until 12am. I hope I didn’t ruin the festivities for the rest of the family, it’s just I’m not really, nor have ever been, the outgoing type. though I must admit I did enjoy myself.

What did you get up to on NYE? Did you have fun? Let me know in the comments what you got up to, maybe you saw  a live band too. Also, let me know if you have ever experienced something like this yourselves.

Thank you so much for reading.


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