February Favourites

Hello Fellow Viewers,

It’s that time again, when we sit down together and tell eachother our favourites. Where have the last two months gone, seriously? They have just flown by.

It’s fair to say that I haven’t been loving a great deal this month, but I will still share with you the few things that I managed to enjoy and favour.


Back last month, I think I  forgot to mention that I bought a Zoella rucksack. from my local Boots store. It was reduced to £15 after being £50 over the festive period. I never ever treat myself, but when I saw this, I thought to myself, Why not? It’s only this once. The features are great. It has a drawstring at the top, with a flap over the top, it’s grey, which is one of my favourite colours and it’s a rucksack. What more could I ask for? When I looked inside, I come across three items and thought ohmygoodness, what a great bargain I just had. It had the flask, the keyring and the pack of pencils inside.


I had come across a magazine subscription which I fell in love with after it was advertised on television, it’s called Enhancing your Mind, body and spirit. It is wonderful. every month you receive your magazines, along with angel cards, tarot cards, and a healing stone. I have been interested in this sort of thing for a while now, but never quite thought of how to pursue how to become spiritual. I was questioning myself constantly; ‘Can you just decide to become spiritual, or is it something you are  born with?’ I am slowly making my way through the magazines and becoming more aware of what everything entails. The subscription is through a company called Deagostini. I highly recommend this to anybody who would like to get in touch with their spirituality and more.

Feb faves.jpg

I apologise for the short blog post, but I haven’t been enjoying much this month, hopefully next month I will have more to  show and tell you. Be sure to leave all of your links in the comments, so I can take a look into your favourites.

Thank you so much for reading.




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