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Housework habits

Hello Fellow Readers,

Today, I thought I would share with you my housework habits. Not long ago, I was talking to another mummy blogger and I noticed one of her tweets which represented her blog post about laundry  and thought why not write about my experiences with laundry and other chores.

Whilst talking with her, I explained how I found it fun doing chores, which I feel she couldn’t quite understand. She asked how I made it fun, and all I said was I organise everything. Organising anything, for me, is fun.


– Washing up – size order, cleanliness
Bottles, cutlery, mugs and cups, plates, saucepans, oven trays, etc

I have always found using this analogy allows me to get it done quicker. I really find it useful and it saves a lot of time. Sometimes I do feel I would be better off with a dishwasher, but that is both lazy and I feel it would use a lot of energy within my household, which I am not going to allow, when I know I can do it myself. (When I say  I would not have a dishwasher because I would feel lazy, I am not judging anybody else who uses one. Everybody has their own preferences and I respect that).

– Laundry – size order, priority
If I leave my laundry until the weekend, which I must admit I hate to do, but very occasionally do, unless it’s priority, I do it in size order. Underwear, and my daughter’s clothes, tops and trousers, jackets and cardigans, towels, then duvet covers. I know it sounds pretty ridiculous, but it helps and enables me to easily put it away when it comes to putting it all away. I have all of my categories in which I can place in their drawers without having to go back and forth.

– Other than what is listed above, I wipe the sides down and clean my bins. Fridge and organise freezer.


– Cleaning bathroom, I spray around, sweep floors etc, then go back and spray again and clean. I am absolutely in love with the smell of bleach. I also have a three drawer cabinet type thing in my bathroom, which one is for my partner, one is for my daughter and the other one is for me and they basically have our products within them. (E.g. In my daughter’s, is her bubble bath, her shower cream, her shampoo, talcum powder and some creams).

Living Room;

– My living room. I shall pick up all of my daughter’s toys, sweep. Polish then spray my air freshener in the centre of the room.

I know I have missed quite a bit out, but these ae the main chores I work on daily, weekly. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know in the comments what your regime is for housework and how you work around your house.

Thank you so much for reading.



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