​Book review Risky business by Nora Roberts

Title – Risky business

Author – Nora Roberts 

Finished 16th March 2017

Main Characters – 

Liz Palmer

Jerry Sharpe

Jonas Sharpe

Marcus (Faith’s father) 

Faith (Liz’s daughter)


Captain Moralas

Senora Alderez


Liz palmer is a business lady who owns her own Diving equipment rental shop. One day, one of her employees is found on one of her boats dead. She then meets his twin brother who is on a mission to find his brother’s killer, when things become less businesslike and more personal. Although this did not stop business as usual. They became partners and were on a quest to find the killer. 

Liz is later on threatened in her own home by someone she didn’t recognise. Although, he knew she knew more than what she was letting on and she didn’t. She offered the lad, the deceased brother, a place to stay and a job, little did she know he was a drug smuggler. 

After the incident which saw Liz threatened, she was placed under police surveillance around her home and shop. Things still hadn’t progressed until a new customer at the diving shop was dropping little hints as to the suspects of the killing and attempted murder. 
After all of the trouble was over, and unveiled, an unexpected event happened. Faith, Liz’s daughter was due home and Liz went to the airport to pick her up. An unexpected addition was there too. None other than Jonas. Liz was stunned beyond belief. Now, I must admit. I wasn’t expecting this, it was a beautiful ending.

I would rate this 3/5 It was a good story although because crime was a subject covered, I struggled to stick to it. 

Thank you so much for reading. Please comment, like and follow for more book reviews and a lot more. 


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