Book review – The Law Is a Lady by Nora Roberts

Title – The Law Is a lady

Author – Nora Roberts

Main characters – 
– Victoria Ashton (Sheriff)
– Phil (Film Director)
– Merle Thompson (Asst Sheriff)
– Tod
– The Mayor
– The Kramer Twins


When Phillip Kincaid was scouting locations for his new movie, he didn’t expect the long arm of the law to point him in the right direction. But when he was jailed for speeding, he realized Friendly, New Mexico, was just the godforsaken little town he’d been looking for. And Victoria Ashton, town sheriff, was just the woman he’d been waiting for. Tory knew she had a tiger by the tail when she tossed Kincaid in the slammer. How could she possibly remain impartial when every look, every touch, made her want to throw caution to the winds? It was lucky that both Cupid — and Justice — were blind. (Good reads)

My thoughts/conclusion

I really enjoyed reading this book, the way the storyline was set up was very clever. By this I mean, at the start of the book, Phil was driving through a town, was caught speeding, got banged up in jail. Then starting having a fling with the Sheriff. After both of them agreeing to keep things professional. He started filming his new film where the book is located. Which Is a town called Friendly, New Mexico. As they spent more time together, around each other, they realised they couldn’t just keep it processional, no matter how hard they tried.

My thoughts on the characters were very good. They all work well with each other and all have a connection in one way or another.

The topics covered were:
– Law and order
– Romance
– Lifestyle (work)

The writing style is fantastic. Roberts has such a knack for her writing technique and her more erotic scenes, well what can I say, you really imagine it.

Overall, If you are interested in romantic novels with a sense of humour. I would highly recommend this book to you.

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