5 facts about me

Hello fellow readers,

I wrote one of these a while ago, but I lost it. So here I am again with 5 facts about me. 

  1.  I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, who I am extremely proud of
  2. I have Scoliosis, which I have had corrected. (I’m being extremely brave sharing this with you) but I would like to help others and engage with others, by raising awareness. You are not alone
  3. I have a diploma in Business and a diploma in Creative media studies
  4. I hope to one day become an Interior Designer, although I have no qualifications to do so
  5. I am an organised person with many interests. My blog should explain that to you

Not a very long post today, but I hope you find it interesting. 

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Thank you so much for reading


2 thoughts on “5 facts about me”

    1. Aww thank you so much!!. That really means a lot. Yes I agree, it’s one thing following and reading each other’s blogs. But getting to know each other is something completely different. Isn’t it? Thank you. 🙂 x


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