The Liebster Award

Hello Fellow Readers, 

You will notice I posted yesterday an award I was nominated for, well today I shall be posting another award I was nominated for by the lovely Nicki Ashleigh

I would like to thank you Nicki for nominating me. 


  • Post 11 Facts About Yourself
  • Answer the 11 Questions Your Nominator Asked
  • Nominate 11 Other Bloggers
  • Ask Them 11 Questions
  • Let Them Know They’ve Been Nominated


1. I have two children

2. I have two diplomas

3. I have Scoliosis

4. I cannot burp

5. I cannot sing

6. I am a book hoarder

7. I have met Zoe Sugg

8. I have met other famous people

9. I am a very shy, introvert person

10. I had to retake my mathematics GCSE twice to achieve a grade C

11. I had to retake my English GCSE 4 times in order to achieve a grade C

1 | What makes you the most happy?

What makes me the most happy is being a parent

2  What are your favorite blog posts to write?

My favourite blog posts to write are random, out of the blue. As well as book reviews. I love to write a good book review.

3 | What three words best describe your personal style (fashion)?

Boring, unadventurous and bland

4 | What’s your favorite post on your blog so far?

My favourite post on my blog so far is…. I’m not too sure. I’d probably say my Girl Online book review.

5 | What’s outside your nearest window?

My recycling and general waste bins and bushes is what is out of my nearest window

6 | Who’s your favorite big blogger and why?

My favourite big blogger is Zoella, as she has similar interests to me, like fashion and lifestyle. She likes to bake and she is so friendly. 

Also, she was my inspiration to start my blog, and is inspiring me to set up my YouTube channel.

7 | What’s one thing you do daily for yourself?

The one thing I do for myself daily is give myself some time to relax

8 | What’s your ultimate blog dream/goal?

My ultimate dream/goal in blogging has to be inspiring others and being able to help as many people as I can. 

Dream, is that it becomes well known to others. 

9 | What’s your worst bad habit?

My worst bad habit is procrastinating. 

10 | How do you combat blogger’s block?

I combat bloggers block by reading other people’s blogs, and taking breaks every now and then.

11 | What’s your favorite meal at the moment?

At the moment, my favourite meal is Tuna Pasta Bake.

To anyone who hasn’t been nominated to complete this award, I nominate you. Be sure to leave all of your links in the comments box, once you have completed it.

As for questions. I apologise but I’m no good with asking questions. Answer the questions I did. They are very interesting.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to like, comment and maybe follow if you enjoyed reading my blog. 


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