Under Summer Skies (Written by Nora Roberts) Blog Post

Book Review- Under Summer Skies (Written by Nora Roberts)

Under Summer Skies (2 books in one)

Title – From this day

Author – Nora Roberts

Main characters/ other characters

BJ Clark, Taylor Reynolds, Eddie, Maggie, Darla, Hardy


As spring becomes summer, the Lakeside Inn is getting busier. But its manager BJ Clark, is worried. The Inn’s new manager Taylor Reynolds, has a reputation for transforming boutique businesses into modern resorts. Worse, BJ’s loyalties are soon divided between her beloved hotel and her growing attraction to Taylor. 

My thoughts

My thoughts on this book are nothing but great. It was a good story, with well thought out characters and the storyline was well written too. 

My thoughts on the storyline were that is sounded so much like how a new manager would be in the real world. By this, I mean coming in, trying to change everything, not caring who they hurt. 

The characters and how BJ and Taylor went from nemisises to falling in love was fabulous. I love how Roberts makes this work. Also, bringing in another lady, who BJ becomes jealous and annoyed with, as she was interfering with the plans for the hotel and with hers and Taylor’s relationship. 

From the first few pages, I was absolutely gripped I became so involved by the story, and when this happens, I just cannot put the book down.


Well. To conclude, I would recommend this book to anyone who has interest in the romance genre. 

Title – Her Mother’s Keeper

Author – Nora Roberts

Main characters/other characters

Gwen, Luke, Bradley Stapleton, Miss Wilkins


Gwen’s coming home to hot and steamy Louisiana. No longer a starry eyed innocent, she’s ready to deal with her eccentric mother’s maddening boarder, Luke Powers. But once Gwen meets Luke, a man who’s an expert in both words and women, her composure disappears. Now she has stars in her eyes, but isn’t so innocent…

My thoughts

The storyline was lovely. Gwen, who travelled away for work travelled back to her mother’s house after receiving a concerning letter from her about one of her tenants, that Gwen was worried by. She was travelling back to face this man hoping to tell him to back off. When face to face with the man in question, she stalled, as she was feeling emotions that she’d hidden away. She was falling in love with Luke, just as much as he was falling for her. Although when she sees him and her mother together, she gets the wrong end of the stick. After it all comes out what’s been happening Gwen and Luke couldn’t have been happier. 


I really enjoyed this book and would certainly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Romance. 

Well, what do you think? Do you think you’d read it? I hope I haven’t given too much away and that you enjoy it just as much as I did. 

Thank you so much for reading. Dont forget to like/ comment and follow, if you enjoyed what you read. 


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