Winter Dreams Part 2/2 (Written by Nora Roberts) Blog Post

Book review Winter dreams 2/2 (Written by Nora Roberts)

Title– Song of the West
Author – Nora Roberts

Main characters
Sabrina Evans/Lomax
Samantha Evans
Daniel Lomax
Jake Tanner


Nothing was going to seduce Samantha Evans into giving up her dreams, however much the towering mountains and windswept plains of Wyoming called to her. She’d never intended to stay forever. Until one snowy night, when a sexy cowboy rescued her from a terrifying storm. 

My thoughts

My thoughts on the storyline are really positive, as a lady comes to stay with her Ill sister, until she is better, as her partner is working. One day the lady feels over worked, so she goes to get some fresh air, as she does her sister’s partner returns home from work, with someone with him. Can you see where this is going? She and this friend of her brother in Law’s end up falling for each other, especially after she disappears and he finds her in a blustery storm. This is what makes them connect.

The characters are well thought out. Working on ranches and sisters looking out for eachother. The sisters are really close which is lovely. All in all, it was a beautiful story.


I really enjoyed reading this story. I would recommend it. 


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