Mistletoe and Snow (Written by Nora Roberts) Blog Post

Book review Mistletoe and Snow (Written by Nora Roberts)

2 in 1 book. Only 1 read as I’ve read 2nd story before and reviewed it.

Title – First Impressions

Author – Nora Roberts

Main characters
Shane Abbott
Vance Banning

Other characters
Pat (Donna’s sister in law)


Have an enchanting Christmas with Nora Roberts

After four years away Shane Abbot returns to her country home town to find not much has changed, except that she has a new neighbour. Vance Banning is bad-tempered, unfriendly and too attractive. But this winter is about to show Shane and Vance the true meaning of Christmas!

(Sourced from Goodreads)

My thoughts
I really liked and enjoyed reading this story.. It was good humoured, alongside beautiful. I found it really funny when Shane went to speak with her new neighbour, she assumed he was a carpenter and asked him to do work on her house. He funnily enough agreed and played along. She is none the wiser, until her friend tells her. Which is when they declare their love for one another.

The whole Christmas theme along with the romance is so beautiful and such a wonderful touch.


To conclude, I really enjoyed this and would recommend it.


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