Christmas Angels ((Written by Nora Roberts) Blog Post

Book review Christmas Angels (written by Nora Roberts)

Hello Fellow Readers, 

Today I  am bringing you another book review, which will hopefully turn into a recommendation. Lets see, shall we? 

This book consists of 2 stories in 1 book. I have read Story 2 already.

Main characters
Laura Malone
Gabriel Bradley

Other characters
Tony (Laura’s ex husband)
Mr Ethan Whittleby
Mrs Whittle by
Mr quarter main


Pregnant and alone, Laura Malone was stranded on a snowy road. Fortunately, Gabriel Bradley came to her rescue. Together they  weathered the storm, sharing their intimate secrets and soon powerful passion. For Gabriel, Laura was a beautiful, vulnerable Angel who had given him an invaluable gift – the gift of hope. 

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this story. It really is a beautiful story. How a man helps a stranger so easily. Then not much later on realising she was heavily pregnant, he took full responsibility of them both, as though they mean so much. As the story progressed, the trust between both man and woman being so apparent and they soon fell in love. Each accepting each other and their responsibilities.


I really admired this story. The love between two people and the commitment that they made to eachother. 

I would recommend this book.

Thank you so much for reading. Please like, comment and follow, if you enjoyed what you read. 


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