The Perfect Holiday (Written by Cathy Kelly) Blog Post

Book Review – The Perfect Holiday (Written by Cathy Kelly)

Hello Fellow Readers,

I am writing yet another book review. I hope you like it. You may or you may not be happy, it’s not a Nora Roberts book.

Title – The Perfect Holiday

Author– Cathy Kelly

Main Characters –






Other Characters




Claire’s sister



For Anthony & Carole, a week in a lovely Greek hotel has helped them mend the cracks in their marriage. For widowed Jessica, it’s the longest she’s ever gone without visiting her husband’s grave. However when the flight doesn’t go according to plan, they are each forced to face up to the very things they have been avoiding for so long.
(Source Goodreads)

My thoughts

This was a lovely story. A lady named Jessica who goes away on holiday after losing her husband Jack. It took a lot of courage for her to go on holiday again. She really felt low about herself. Although, by the end of it she had made friends, which made her feel better about herself.

This really touched me, how she thought about her husband Jack, that made her feel she wasn’t able to enjoy herself again. Her sons who live elsewhere, are none the wiser on how she feels, as she lies about them.

Claire and Anthony are away on holiday to help Anthony from touching alcohol. They were very close until he hit the bottle, and would apologise all of the time. Claire gave Anthony another chance after leaving him, to change and he had, until their journey home made him return.

I really felt for Claire, as I do a lot of women who are in this situation. She gave him another chance at their marriage to come clean, maybe attend AA classes, but he refused.

She did the right thing in the end.

Susie made a mistake when on holiday, that she later on regretted but was it too late? Read it and find out.


There were so many relatable topics covered in this story, from Alcohol Abuse to Widowment, and it was so touching to read.

I’m unsure whether or not I’d recommend it, but it is certainly worth a read.

I hope you enjoyed what you read. Be sure to comment, like and follow if you did.

Thank you so much for reading.


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