Blogtober – Day 19 – Products I use to clean (for Hall, Stairs and Landing)

Hello Fellow Readers,

As part of a series I created, I was sharing the products I use to clean certain areas of my house. Today, I will be sharing with you the products I use to clean my Hall, Stairs and Landing.

I use Polish for my Skirting Boards down the stairs and the Bannisters, but recently I have noticed people using their favourite Fabric Softener and water to clean their Skirting Boards. If you are part of the Hinch Army, or follow Jottie’s journal you will know what I am on about.

To clean my Stairs, I use my Vacuum, as it is carpeted. I also sometimes sweep them, because I honestly feel  it brings up more dirt and grime. I recently watched Mrs Hinch using a Squeegee to clean her stairs, as she has a dog and it brings up the fur much more effectively. I honestly liked this idea, as it brought up so much fur and I honestly could not believe what I was watching. I will be investing in one to use myself. I know this may sound absolutely ridiculous, but I like how it shapes the Carpet too, as it creates a pattern. Oh, the little things.

I honestly do not use many products, but I love trying new things. Following the two accounts I have mentioned helps with this. Be sure to follow them and support them with their projects. I will be trying the Fabric Softener and water mix in future, because it has added benefits such as making the whole house smell amazing.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, I know it isn’t a very long post, but I wanted to share this with you. If you did enjoy reading this, find the others, as part of the series. I will link them below for you.



Living Room


If you enjoy them, let me know by commenting and let me know what you think. I would love to know whether you use the same or similar products. Or maybe you use products I don’t, and need to find and try.

Thank you so much for reading



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