About Me

1448526592670My name is Shannon. I am 22 years old and I am an aspiring writer who enjoys a good read and nature.

It has taken me a lot of courage to start my own blog as I am quite a shy person. So here I am in 2016 reaching out to others, and potential opportunities , by helping others. I have read and been reading other blogger’s blogs for a couple of years now, and have always wondered what it would be like to start my own. I have wanted to do it for such a long time, but was afraid of what others might have thought. I am no longer going to fret about what other people may think, as this is me doing what I want to do. I never thought I would pluck up the courage to do it, but here I am after so long thinking about it. I thought, if I don’t give it a try, I’ll never know, will I?

I am going to be writing about subjects that I am passionate about.  I do not want to write too much as I do not wish for people to get bored, because I have gone off on a tangent. as we don’t want to be here all day now, do we? I would also not like for any of you to lose interest, as if you lose interest reading what I have written, I am not going to get very far am I? I would like for people to feel inspired by me, as I have many inspirations in my life. My Mum, my Dad, Marilyn Monroe and Zoella, to name a few

I am not here to make money, I am here to inspire others and enjoy myself. If this did end up becoming profitable, then that would be a lovely bonus, but money isn’t all that blogging is about. It’s about expressing yourself and having fun.

I would like to become an inspiration to people and to be able to actually say: ‘ I helped someone, I am an inspiration. I’ve been told.’ To hear, as well as say this, would be a dream.

Also, making my family proud would also be an added bonus.

I hope you enjoy my material and join in on my new journey.

Let’s begin, shall we?