I have been into books from a very young age. Well, for as long as I can remember. I was read to as a young child, but doesn’t everybody? and then I started to read myself. At primary school, you had different stages of books you had to read.I got through them quite fast and ended up in the high stages. (Not bragging!) then i started reading other books, mainly reference books, where you read about all sorts of topics, I don’t know Dogs. and you would be allowed to borrow it from the school library or a week or so.

Going onto Secondary school, you have more of a variety of books with authors such as Jacqueline Wilson for he girls and Darren Shan for the boys. Then High school, you had more textbooks that you had to use, there was no spare time for reading fiction books. When I started college, I would read bec=fore starting lectures and then on my lunch breaks and times where I had a spare amount of time, where I didn’t have a lecture, and I was caught up on all of my work.

Since coming out of education I have been able to read my own books, which I will show you my bookcase in future blog posts.



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